Interplanetary Traveler Cover Hi Res 1.jpg


by Lauren Hoffman

Interplanetary Traveler is Hoffman's most cohesive and unpretentious album to date. Whatever world-hopping Hoffman has done, those influences are subtle here, although the record certainly signals a shift for Hoffman away from digitized beats and studio confections; despite the album's title and cover, this not an album of cosmic effulgence. Instead, Hoffman this time favors acoustic guitars, live percussion, and stately organs. Hoffman's chill-pill vocals never rise far above a confessional, easy flow, and the album is a tidy ten-song, 35-minute set of uniformly pleasant songs…Interplanetary Traveler could be your (and your kids'?) favorite new Saturday morning record and is certainly a good-natured trip worth taking.” - Steve Leftridge/PopMatters

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