Lauren Hoffman is a songwriter, singer, and multi-instrumentalist who has written and released five genre-defying albums plus several EPs and singles in the US and Europe. Known for her eclectic, non-conformist songwriting, Hoffman’s music is at once comfortingly familiar and deliciously unexpected. Lauren has worked with notable mentor/producers David Lowery and Ethan Johns, and labels Virgin, Kill Rock Stars, PIAS (EU) and Fargo (France). She has toured internationally, produced events, run an independent label, recorded and produced other artists, and appeared as a guest vocalist on multiple records. Lauren’s albums have been released to critical acclaim from press outlets large and small, and her songs have been used in film and TV, added to radio stations in the US and Europe, and can be heard spinning regularly on Pandora radio.

As a pre-teen inspired by John Lennon, PJ Harvey, Nine Ince Nails, Greek mythology and Sylvia Plath, Hoffman picked up the guitar and quickly began to forge her own musical path. Her recordings blend influences from jazz, punk, folk, industrial, new wave, and pop, and draw comparisons to Regina Spektor, Fiona Apple, Norah Jones, St Vincent and Sia. With her lilting voice and preference for minor keys, Lauren’s songs lean towards the bittersweet and melancholy, but it’s the clever twists of dissonance, playful dark humor, and relaxed hopefulness that give the songs her unique signature. 

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”A Friend For The Apocalypse”: “Lauren Hoffman is one of the preeminent music video talents on 2017, and I can sum up “A Friend for the Apocalypse” in one sentence; this is “Smells Like Teen Spirit” for the Age of Trump. I’d program my alarm clock to play it every morning if I could figure out how.”

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”Fast Lane”: Paste Magazine premieres “Fast Lane” video

Family Ghost: “The music is on the dark side, blending artsy parlor pop, powerpop, and new wave – and it’s catchy as hell.”

Family Ghost: “It’s dreamy, it’s dark. Talented and beautifully delivered with just that raw pinch of authenticity and musicality which is such a scarce commodity.” 

Dragon (EP): “Hoffman lays bare her soul on this dynamic (but sadly too short) four-track, 14-minute release” 

”In The Sun”: video premiere “deeply powerful music, channeling influences across many decades”

“Pictures From America”: NPR Song of the Day
Christian McBride played “Pictures from America” on NPR program “Jazz Night America”

Interplanetary Traveler: “cohesive and unpretentious…could be your (and your kids'?) favorite new Saturday morning record”

“Another Song About The Darkness” (Acoustic) on Kill Rock Stars label compilation “Sound The Hare Heard”

Choreography: “Its opening track, Broken, is an achingly beautiful slice of romantic regret…there is certainly mystery and passion aplenty”

Pete Wentz (Fall Out Boy) introduces fans to “Fall Away”

TV series South Of Nowhere features five songs from Choreography across two seasons

Choreography: “the moody and gorgeous Choreography ups the ante with layers of textured production, sampling a potpourri of styles and handling them all with equal aplomb”

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From the Blue House: “There’s plenty to immediately fall in love with: her engaging, pure voice; her unclichéd folk-based indie rock that sounds like Liz Phair’s jazzier sister; her catchy melodies; her cautious, wise and funny narratives that carefully side-step obvious and cynical traps.”

“Strange Man” featured in police drama Homicide: Life on the Street

“Rock Star” in Castle Rock film “Palmetto” soundtrack

Megiddo: (French) “splendide premier opus”

Megiddo: “not only is Megiddo a better album than a lot of the other Lilith wave artists, but it's better than a lot of releases in general. “

Lilith Fair: “intriguing newcomer Lauren Hoffman, whose atmospheric debut album "Megiddo" is strikingly unconventional” (Chicago Tribune), “Twenty-year-old Lauren Hoffman has a PJ Harvey-esque rage bottled inside her” (Spin), “The auxiliary stages offered more variety: Lauren Hoffman's quiet but barbed songs..” (NY Times)

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Twitter: Tweets of lyrics from “Broken”: “You’re a little bit damaged / I’m a sucker for that”

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