Lauren Hoffman Family Ghost Album Cover.jpg


by Lauren Hoffman & The Secret Storm

“Without a doubt my favourite section of the album is when the band go down the darker and broodier root. ‘Family Ghost’ is a superb track and the interplay between all the instruments – but especially the guitar and violin – is exceptional and sharp. The way it rip roars down to the explosive chorus is sublime. Interestingly ‘Broken’ from her amazing album Choreography returns for a slightly reworked version with lots of creepy string embellishments and its that haunting quirky edge that is perfected with ‘The Dragon’ that really finds its way home into my heart… Ultimately this is very much Lauren Hoffman’s show but the extra oomph and sound layers are very welcome and when it all fits together, it really is the top-tier of rock music.” - Simon Smith/HigherPlainMusic

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