Shadow of the Moon - Single

Shadow of the Moon - Single

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I was in my hometown of Charlottesville, VA on August 12th 2017, the weekend of the deadly 'Unite the Right' neo-Nazi 'rally'. Really, it was an orchestrated, pre-meditated street-battle attack, not a 'rally'. It was easy to see their violent intentions from the discussions on their online organizing boards. It’s hard to understand why our city didn’t protect us more.

I wrote this song five days after the torch-wielding white-supremacist march and the car attack that killed Heather Heyer and injured many more, both physically and psychologically. I was thinking of all of my friends who were on the streets that day. One wound up in the hospital after being struck with a torch. I watched another friend’s panicked live-stream, filming as bodies were loaded into ambulances. I hugged and sat with friends who couldn’t get the terrifying sounds out of their heads for days - they had been trapped in that narrow street as that car made it’s deadly charge into the crowd.

The title refers to the eclipse that happened a few days after. It seemed such a fitting natural metaphor for what happened to our hearts that weekend.

The innocents
Didn’t know their plans,
Though they made them free for the world to see
Could you stand for what’s right in the dark of night?
Could you stand your ground though they may burn you down?

We can’t go back
To before the attack
There’s blood on the streets, in our eyes
Just a speck on the Earth, just a day lost in time
As we stand in the shadow of the moon

Now the veil is torn
In a single moment
As we hear that sound
See bodies on the ground
Could I stand for what’s right, though it might mean my life?
Can I carry this weight, can I hold all this pain…?

Now the flowers are gone
All the chalk washed away
Will you still say her name?


Written and arranged by Lauren Hoffman
Recorded by Mark Graham, The Sound, Charlottesville, VA
Mixed by Ryan Freeland, Stampede Origin, Los Angeles, CA 

Shadow of the Moon / Lauren Hoffman - Vocals, guitar
Brandon Collins - Cello
Alethea Leventhal - Vocals
Scott Honsberger - Piano 
© Lauren Hoffman/Amrit Music Rights Reserved