Shadow of the Moon - Single

Shadow of the Moon - Single

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I was in my hometown of Charlottesville, VA on August 12th 2017, the weekend of the deadly 'Unite the Right' neo-Nazi 'rally'. Really, it was an orchestrated, pre-meditated street-battle attack, not a 'rally'. It was easy to see their violent intentions from the discussions on their online organizing boards. 
Five days later I wrote this song, the title referring to the eclipse that happened a few days after. That eclipse was such a fitting natural metaphor for what happened to our hearts that weekend.



Shadow Of The Moon by Lauren Hoffman

Released August 10, 2018 

Written and arranged by Lauren Hoffman
Recorded by Mark Graham, The Sound, Charlottesville, VA 
Mixed by Ryan Freeland, Stampede Origin, Los Angeles, CA 

Lauren Hoffman - Vocals, guitar
Brandon Collins - Cello
Alethea Leventhal - Vocals 
Scott Honsberger - Piano 

Cover photo of the August 2017 eclipse by Eze Amos