Shadow of the Moon - Single

Shadow of the Moon - Single

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I was in my hometown of Charlottesville, VA on August 12th 2017, the weekend of the deadly 'Unite the Right' neo-Nazi 'rally'. Really, it was an orchestrated, pre-meditated street-battle attack, not a 'rally'. It was easy to see their violent intentions from the discussions on their online organizing boards. 
Five days later I wrote this song, the title referring to the eclipse that happened a few days after. That eclipse was such a fitting natural metaphor for what happened to our hearts that weekend.



Shadow Of The Moon by Lauren Hoffman

Released August 10, 2018 

Written and arranged by Lauren Hoffman // Recorded by Mark Graham, The Sound, Charlottesville, VA // Mixed by Ryan Freeland, Stampede Origin, Los Angeles, CA 

Lauren Hoffman - Vocals, guitar // Brandon Collins - Cello // Alethea Leventhal - Vocals // Scott Honsberger - Piano 

View of the August 2017 eclipse photographed by Eze Amos