Family Ghost - Digital Download

Family Ghost - Digital Download

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“Lauren Hoffman’s career has been an interesting one to chart as she continues to work her rock magic into various forms of guitar led rock… “Don’t Look Back” kicks things off in a raucous way and happily contains a lot of the Hoffman charm that inhabits her previous life. Dark chord structures, a bit of dissonance and a lot of bite.

“Let The Waves Crash on Me” shows that Lauren hasn’t forgotten her bluesy side either as the waltzing guitar riffs slither in and out of your ears on repeat. Single “In the Sun”…lets Lauren’s vocal range shine from soft to harsh and back again. It also shows how she’s evolved as a lyricist too as her muses are more subtle and cloaked. 

Without a doubt my favourite section of the album is when the band go down the darker and broodier root. “Family Ghost” is a superb track and the interplay between all the instruments – but especially the guitar and violin – is exceptional and sharp… its that haunting quirky edge that is perfected with “The Dragon” that really finds its way home into my heart. 
Ultimately this is very much Lauren Hoffman’s show but the extra oomph and sound layers are very welcome and when it all fits together, it really is the top-tier of rock music." - Simon Smith, Higher Plains Music 



Family Ghost by Lauren Hoffman & The Secret Storm

All songs written by Lauren Hoffman and arranged by Lauren Hoffman & The Secret Storm // Produced by John Morand and Lauren Hoffman // Recorded and mixed by John Morand at Sound Of Music Studios, Richmond, VA // Additional recording on "Broken" at The Sound, Charlottesville VA // Mastered by Brent Lambert at Kitchen Mastering 

Lauren Hoffman - Vocals, Guitars // Tony Lechmanski - Guitars // Catherine Monnes - Cello, Electric Violin // Ethan Lipscomb - Keyboards, Piano // Jeff Diehm - Bass // Jordan Marcini - Drums // Kevin Ardrey - Drums on "Broken" 
Additional percussion by John Morand, Miguel Urbiztondo, and Lamar Moore 

Special thanks to Tomas Rahal and Mas Tapas 
Photography by Jyoti Sackett // Design by Andrew Nelson for Down In The Valley Creative

All songs and sound recording copyright Lauren Hoffman (Amrit Music BMI)