Choreography - CD

Choreography - CD


As The Stars
White Sheets
Ghost You Know
Another Song About The Darkness
Hiding In Plain Sight
Out Of The Sky, Into The Sea
Reasons To Fall
Love Gone Wrong

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“Broken is an achingly beautiful slice of romantic regret set against a backdrop of twinkling musical invention, all echoes and floating notes. And it doesn't end there. This is American Lauren Hoffman's third album but the first to reach these ears. And if the references are obvious - a slightly less uptight Laura Veirs, a more upfront Beth Gibbons - the music is no less memorable for that. On her website (, Hoffman cites the spirit of Jeff Buckley, and there is certainly mystery and passion aplenty in tracks such as White Sheets, Solipsist and the chamber pop of Love Gone Wrong.

- Joe Breen - The Irish Times

“After her beautiful album From The Blue House from 1999, the young American singer Lauren Hoffman chose to retreat a little. Those few years of reflection and doubts allowed her to give birth to Choreography, a work of perfect coherence; a lovely union of pop, folk and rock.”

- FiP Radio France (translated)



Produced by Lauren Hoffman and John Morand
Recorded and engineered by John Morand at Sound of Music, Richmond, VA
Mixed by Alan Weatherhead and John Morand

Except “Broken”, produced by Ron A. Shaffer and Lauren Hoffman.
Recorded and mixed by Ron A Shaffer at Atlantic West Studio, Brooklyn, NY

Additional recording by Alan Weatherhead on “Joshua”, “Solipsist”, “Love Gone Wrong” and “Hiding in Plain Sight”
Additional recording by Ron A. Shaffer on “Love Gone Wrong”

Mastered by Brent Lambert at The Kitchen Mastering, Chapel Hill, NC

Photography by Sam Erickson
Design by Joanna Seitz

All songs words and music by Lauren Hoffman (Amrit Music, BMI)


Broken / Lauren - Vocals, Guitars, Rhodes, Piano
Ron A Shaffer - Programming, Tambourine, Keys
Timo Ellis - Guitar, Bass

As The Stars / Lauren - Vocals, Tremolo Guitar
Devon Sproule - Harmony Vocals
Alan Weatherhead - Acoustic, Electric, and Baritone Guitars, Piano, Ambient Keys
Craig Harmon - Organ
Cam Dinunzio - Bass
Miguel Urbiztondo - Drums

White Sheets / Lauren - Vocals
Alan Weatherhead - Guitars, Keys
Cam Dinunzio - Bass
Miguel Urbiztondo - Drums

Ghost You Know / Lauren - Vocals, Piano, Acoustic Guitar, Bass
Devon Sproule - Harmony Vocals
Chris Lancaster - Cello
Alan Weatherhead - Guitar
Miguel Urbiztondo - Drums

Solipsist / Lauren - Vocals, Bass-keyboard
Cam Dinunzio - Guitars
Alan Weatherhead - Ambient keyboard, Frost-wave
David Lowery - Bass
Chris Lancaster - Cello
Miguel Urbiztondo - Drums

Another Song About The Darkness / Lauren - Vocals, Guitars, Keyboards, Bass
John Morand - Programming
Alan Weatherhead - Guitar, Vibes

Hiding In Plain Sight / Lauren - Vocals
Cam Dinunzio - Guitars, Bass
Alan Weatherhead - Keyboards, Tremolo Guitar
Miguel Urbiztondo - Drums

Out Of The Sky, Into The Sea / Lauren - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Hand-claps
Alan Weatherhead - Pump Organ, Guitar
Chris Lancaster - Cello, Bass
Miguel Urbiztondo - Drums

Reasons To Fall / Lauren - Vocals, Acoustic/Tremolo Guitar
Craig Harmon - Wurlitzer
Alan Weatherhead - Guitar, Keyboards
Mike Brown - Bass
Miguel Urbiztondo - Drums

Love Gone Wrong / Lauren - Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Bass
Alan Weatherhead - Guitar, Keyboard
Timo Ellis - Guitar
Ron A Shaffer - Keyboard
Miguel Urbiztondo - Drums

Joshua / Lauren Hoffman - Vocals, Piano, Bass
John D'earth - Flugelhorn
Alan Weatherhead - Keyboard, Baritone Guitar
Miguel Urbiztondo - Drums
© Lauren Hoffman/Amrit Music Rights Reserved