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FALL AWAY/COLD AND GREY 7” vinyl single



Lauren wrote all songs while still a teenager and was signed to Virgin Records at age 19

“Rock Star” was featured in the Woody Harrelson/Chloe Sevigny film “Palmetto”

The music video for “Rock Star” was directed by Mike Mills, who went on to direct acclaimed feature films Thumbsucker, Beginners, and 20th Century Women

Renowned musicians and producers David Lowery, Jon Brion, Ethan Johns and John Morand contributed to the unique sound and style of the album

Megiddo was a cult hit in France, where Lauren toured and performed live on TV

Lauren was the first performer on the first day of the first year of Sarah McLachlan’s Lilith Fair tour

The Story of Megiddo


It was never something I sang in earnest; it was supposed to be sarcastic. 

The irony was, it was the lead single off my major label debut.

I was a few weeks shy of my 20th birthday when Megiddo was released. It was the summer of 1997. The summer of the infamous Lilith Fair - I played the ‘Village Stage’ for the first week of the massive tour. That was pretty cool, except that my label hadn’t stocked the merch tent with my record.

But let’s rewind. 


Lauren Hoffman’s debut for Virgin Records, “Megiddo,” stands out among the education-of-a-hipster albums pumped out by new young songwriters. With her low-key voice, lonely guitar lines, insinuating phrasing, oddball rhythmic hooks and casually brutal putdowns, Ms. Hoffman makes moody and sexy pop songs.
— The New York Times

The year’s most demented album is a modest affair, as Lauren Hoffman creates spy themes and torch songs that refuse all moonings to the past. Megiddo is unrepentantly mysterious and modern, and her queenly sense of drama makes amends for all the damage done by other pretentious 20-year-old musicians. It’s also surprisingly accessible for a gal whose sense of pop culture ends with National Geographic. Now just turned 20, there’s no telling what new inspirations Hoffman will bring to play.

New York Press

Raised on an ashram and world-weary beyond her twenty years, LAUREN HOFFMAN is often compared with another young songwriter, Fiona Apple. But if Apple is the gifted savant, Hoffman is the real thing, a preternaturally talented young adult. Her emotionally draining new record, “Megiddo” shifts from chilling ballad to blackboard scratching rock.
— New Yorker

Rock Star, by Lauren Hoffman. Director: Mike Mills

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From The Blog:

Live at the Black Cat

Live at the Black Cat

Adam Wade and Nick Pelliciato

Adam Wade and Nick Pelliciato

Lauren Hoffman

Lauren Hoffman

Lauren Hoffman featured in SPIN Magazine

Lauren Hoffman featured in SPIN Magazine

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The Chemist Said…

Released on David Lowery’s Pitch-A-Tent Records

Includes “Termite” and “Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl”, as well as early versions of “Blood” and “Persephone”

Includes a cover of John Lennon’s “Mother”

“Don’t Wanna Be Your Girl” was originally called “Still Be Here” and was included in the Dear Charlottesville compilation CD alongside Sparklehorse and the Dave Matthews Band

CD cover art by Wes Freed

le 30 septembre 1997 à NPA LIVE (France, Television appearance)


Produced by David Lowery and John Morand*
Mixed by Ethan Johns
Recorded at Sound Of Music Studios, Richmond VA**
Mixed at Sunset Sound Factory, Hollywood, CA
Assistant engineers: Richard Hasel, Brian Kehew, Brian Soucy, and Joe Zook
Mastered by Doug Sax at the Mastering Lab

*Except ‘Lolita’ Produced by Ethan Johns, recorded at Audities, Burbank, CA
**Additional Recording by Ethan Johns on ‘Blood’, ‘Rock Star’, ‘Fall Away’, ‘Cold and Grey’, ‘Build A Home’, and ‘The Ashram Song”

Photography by Kate Swan and Jason Beaupre

All songs words and music by Lauren Hoffman (Amrit Music, BMI). All sound recordings copyright Lauren Hoffman 1999 and 2018


Blood / Lauren - Guitar, Vocals
Jon Brion - Vibraphone, Chamberlain
Bob Rupe - Bass.
Johnny Hott - Drums

Rock Star / Lauren - Guitar, Vocals
David Lowery - Bass
Jon Brion - Chamberlain
Charlie Quintana - Drums

Lolita / Lauren - Guitar, Vocals
Ethan Johns - Drums
Jon Brion - Bass, keyboards, additional guitars

Fall Away / Lauren - Guitar, Vocals, Bass
Lilli Hoffman - Harmony vocal
John Morand - Drums
Jon Brion - Piano, Optigan

Cold and Grey / Lauren - Guitar, Vocals
Kristen Asbury - Backing vocals
John Brion - Hammond, Chamberlain
Bob Rupe - Bass
Johnny Hott - Drums
John Morand - Tambourine

Hope You Don’t Mind / Lauren - Guitar, Vocals
Nick Pelliciato - Bass
Adam Wade - Drums

Strange Man / Lauren - Guitar, Vocals
David Lowery - Guitars, Keyboards
Bob Rupe - Bass and 'fish' (percussion)
Johnny Hott - Drums and Percussion

Persephone / Lauren - Guitar, Vocals, Bass
David lowery - Guitar, Keyboard
Johnny Hott - Drums

Alive / Lauren - Guitar, Vocals, Bass
David Lowery - Guitar, Keyboards
Johnny Hott - Drums

The Cannibal Ed / Lauren - Guitar, Vocals
Nick Pelliciato - Bass
Adam Wade - Drums

Build A Home / Lauren - Guitar, Vocals
David Lowery - Keyboards
Ethan Johns - Piano
Bob Rupe - Bass
Johnny Hott - Drums

The Ashram Song / Lauren - Guitar, Vocals
David Lowery - Guitar, Keyboards, Drums, Electric Drill
John Morand - Tambourine
Ethan Johns - Chamberlain

© Lauren Hoffman/Amrit Music Rights Reserved