#Storytime: SOLIPSIST

I'm thinking today about the song 'Solipsist' from my 2006 album 'Choreography', and what a long evolution it had to become what it is on the album. I wrote it in the first year that I was studying dance at VCU (2001), on guitar, …

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Lauren Hoffmanchoreography
From The Blue House

Twenty years ago I was preparing to make this, my second album, From The Blue House. Twenty years later I'm starting work on my sixth album, and it's a kind of perspective that the girl on this album cover couldn't have even imagined...

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Lauren Hoffmanfromthebluehouse

my daughter, a toddler and blessed with fascination for the mundane, was crouching next a water fountain.
by night, it serves as the centerpiece to an urban beer-garden. in morning light, she innocently surveyed it’s submerged pennies and floating cigarette butts, and suddenly exclaimed “bird! in da wa-ter!”

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Days Spin

it’s already march, and that caught me by surprise again this year. could it be those 2-3 missing days in february? no, that’s not it. time speeds up as you get older. i noticed that when i was 6. i notice it more now.

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