womanrock.com . spontaneous new york trip

today we worked on karmen's song 'watermelon baby', raphael came in and played some guitar, and i lay down a bass track. 
it was nice to be back in the studio after a crazy two day road trip. 
(it was also nice that i left for two days and came home to find that karmen had written two new songs!)

on saturday morning i drove to philadelphia to be a part of brenda kahn's planet girl thing. it was an all-day party with 12 different female artists and female-fronted bands. she put it on at indre recording studio's soundstage and recorded it. it was a really cool event, and brenda obviously put a lot of work into it. 
when i got there at 3:30, i was one of the first ones there. i met brenda in person for the first time and she said "oh, i didn't recognize you!" it's funny when you meet someone in person for the first time who you've gotten to know online or on the phone. she was smaller than i expected. i think i was bigger than she expected. 
but she was super cool. it was great to meet someone so driven and capable of making shit happen; i have a lot of big ideas, but making them happen is a whole other issue.

i wound up playing two sets. an electric set at 8pm (which was when i was scheduled to play), and an impromtu acoustic set shortly after i arrived (because the scheduled bands hadn't shown up yet). brenda had been so supportive and hyping me up to everyone, playing my songs on the radio and stuff… i really didn't want to let her down, but i wasn't in top form i don't think. people said nice things to me about my sets; i guess i'll have to hear the recording.

looking back at it now, i realize how wierd it is that i went to this femme-centric event and, with the exception of brenda, spent most of the day hanging out with men--john, a filmmaker from new york; bogden, one of the studio's engineers; thomas, brenda's husband. so, after my second set, i was sort-of moping and john (the filmmaker) found me and suggested that we "go out in the city", meaning new york, two hours out of my way. but i needed to get out of there, so i said yes. we got totally lost and the drive took twice as long as it should have, but we had a good time talking in the car, and i played him bella morte's CD, which he loved.

we had in common that we both had known jeff buckley in the years before his death, so i spent a lot of my time in new york thinking about him; remembering him as we traded stories and stuff. 
later, i realized that it was the first time that i'd had a chance to hang out with someone else who'd been his friend. 
it was weird, like i could feel him near by, listening. 
but that's the way jeff is. he can't leave all of these people he so generously loved; he visits all of us… in dreams, and with his whispery ghost, where you can 
almost hear him. feel him. see him, again.