Tried for 100 Covers on Youtube in 2012, Made it to 70!

So, i set a pretty high goal for myself in 2012: to post 100 videos on youtube of me performing covers. I only made it to 70, but hey, that’s a hell of a lot! I didn’t really know what kind of energy and work and attention it would take to do 100 songs, I just chose the number arbitrarily because it sounded so nice and round.

I ran through the easy ones pretty early – songs I had long wanted to try, songs I knew would work well with just voice and guitar – that was probably the first 40. The next 30 didn’t come so as easily, and hitting the 2- 3 per week needed to make my goal became increasingly difficult.

Also, I didn’t factor in how life changes and has other plans for you at times. Like a new boyfriend, a long trip, or a sick daughter.

But i learned a LOT about performing, about songs, about my voice, about guitar arrangement, and about videoing myself. For example, I learned that if I have a window behind me (and it’s daytime), I look thinner! ;)

And I learned that I like the tone of my voice in lower keys, lower in my range. But most of the things I learned are hard to describe, because they were tiny, subtle adjustments that I made along the way; recording and reviewing what I had done, and then making little changes the next time.

And most of all, as someone who happens to dislike live performances solo on stage, I am thrilled to have youtube as an alternative; a medium that allows me to connect with an audience, to experience that part of performing that IS enjoyable for me, without the anxiety and discomfort and craziness that comes from playing live on stage.

I used to fight that, because I thought I “shouldn’t” feel that way. But judging my own reality as ‘wrong’ just wasn’t helpful. I’m so glad I started accepting it and finding ways to work around it.