the morning after

What can I say? It is not the way I had hoped the election would go. I cannot even fathom the mentality that leads people to vote against social freedom and medical progress and for the killing of thousands of innocent people, on "moral grounds". How ironic.

So it is a bittersweet joy that I feel these days working on my third album. My little world, in the studio, is an eden of inspiration, good humor, love, friendship. I am working at Sound Of Music Studios, which was the same studio I first worked at when I was 18, with the most amazing, talented, kick ass people. Really, I don't know how to verbalize how awesome this is, whatever I could say wouldn't match it... to be hearing these songs come out of the speakers, sounding even better than I imagined they could, it's just... wow. I am reeeeeeally lucky.

Lauren Hoffmanchoreography