the high-school massacre in colorado . 'b.c.' [a local band] . thunderstorm

yesterday started out as a steamy, hot southern day, but around three it got windy and started to drizzle and eventually worked itself into a mad electrical frenzy that about three hours later put out my power. and here i was, with the darkness approaching and the wind and rain attacking my little house, with nothing but a guitar and a new country-blues song i'd written earlier in the day to keep me company… it was kinda spooky. 
but by eight or so it calmed down and the power came back and my friend matt and i went into town to see a local band play at a coffeeshop. 
the band's called 
b.c. and it's a duo--guitar/vocals guy and cello guy. they play fun, irrevelent, eclectic, acoustic music, and their luck hasn't been very good. they had a cool music store, but they lost it, and i'm not sure how the gigs and stuff are going, but if last night was any indication--not great. the singer/guitar guy (stephen barling) didn't show up, so the cello guy (brandon collins) cancelled the gig. 
there was something really sad and tragic about it.

and speaking of tragic, in the wake of this high-school massacre in colorado, it seems that people are attempting to make sense of senseless slaughter by looking to the bands these kids listened to and the clothes they wore to explain something; to uncover the warning signs they shouldn't have missed. in the denver, colorado area they've banned trenchcoats from being worn to school because the two kids who did the shooting wore them and claimed to be a part of a gang called the trenchcoat mafia. so i can understand (i guess) that for the time being, the ban on trenchcoats makes sense--seeing people wearing them so soon after such a horrible event might be rather terrifying.

but i can't help but think about the kids at my high-school who wore trenchcoats. they were mostly into role-playing games and computers; they were shy and sweet and awkward. would they now be suspected of being prone to random acts of mass murder and conspiracy? 
i listened to goth music and dyed my hair and wore black and pierced my nose when i was in high school, but i wasn't going to haul off and kill anyone!

neither making those kids out to be evil nor to be victems makes sense to me. 
it is definitely true that guns are way too easy to get in this country, and that my generation has been severly de-sensitized to violence. but does that mean that those kids aren't responsible for what they did? i don't think so. 
we waste our time when we try to explain things like this in an attempt to feel safe. i mean, why are the serbs trying to kill all the kosovars? why did hitler want to kill all of the jews? why do men rape children? do you think it's because of the music they listened to? do you think you could have spotted them in high school by the clothes they wore?