i am spending thanksgiving with my sister, so i don't have much to do for a week, and it's nice. no car, no commitments, no phone. 
but of course, i brought my laptop. 
still, i'm spending most of my time just relaxing, visiting and chatting, taking yoga classes and long walks, eating vegan pumpkin pie… 
i was really looking forward to getting out of town again after my last tour. but then something kinda cool happened--something personal i don't want to fuck up by talking about in detail--but it made me sad to leave charlottesville. 
so i'm spending a lot of time daydreaming too… 
(god i'm cheesy)

karmen and i have been playing the four mixes that we have ('good alien', 'low', 'watermelon baby', and 'the casanova song') on every sound system we come by, and for all of her family and friends. it's teaching me a lot about my production skills (minimal), but i'm very proud on the whole of the work we've done. i think she is too and that is gratifying. her family was so excited, asking us tons of questions, asking for copies of the CD, passing around copies of the article the charlottesville paper wrote about her. it was really cool.

oh! and i'm excited because jean-luc just e-mailed me the itinerary for my tour in france, i can't wait!

Lauren Hoffman