somewhere over Nebraska

i think this is hilarious--i'm writing this entry on my laptop in an airplane. 
i'm on my way to san fransisco to play at mill's college tomorrow night. i'm actually a bit nervous about it because it's been so long since i've played a show. and because lilli and her friends have been hyping it up and i don't want to let them down. 
but i'm also looking forward to it--both the show and just getting away for the weekend and getting to hang out with my sister. 
i really miss playing shows; i wish that i was doing it more regularly.

ok, so i'm only writing right now because i'm bored as hell and it's so funny to be doing this--30,000 feet in the air, stuck between joe-with-tattoos (and two or three vodkas in him) and some other guy snoring by the window. 
joe's buddy says that joe has never been on a plane before. 
“flyin's a piece of cake,” says joe. 
i can't hear the rest of the conversation because i've got really bad country music blaring through the four-dollor rented headphones. 
which is definitely preferable to whatever joe's buddy has to say. 
“i'll take today over yesterday any day,” sings billy-bob brooks on the continental country 'radio' station.

Lauren Hoffman