pitch-a-tent tour

the three pitch-a-tent shows i just did with kitty snyder, david lowery, steve koester, and sometimes LP, were pretty much the most fun i have ever had playing live. 
we played in new york at the mercury lounge, in charlottesville at tokyo rose, and in baltimore at fletcher's. i didn't have quite as much fun at the charlottesville show because i was responsible for the promotion and stuff and i didn't do a very good job. baltimore and new york 
rocked. we did the shows 'round robin'-style, usually with david starting, then me, steve, kitty and LP. we each played two songs (except LP, she sang one each time) for two rounds, and then did a final round of one song each. so we were all on stage together the whole time, and by the last show kitty and i sang harmonies on one of eachothers songs, and we sang backups with steve on one of his. if we toured together for any length of time, it could get silly--one big happy sing-a-long. but we are going to try to do it again. 
soon i hope!

karmen and i met with a drummer tonight, stuart, from the local band the dumm-dumms. i played bass and we worked on two of karmen's songs. it was so much fun to play bass with a live drummer! we've done a lot of karmen's stuff so far with a drum machine. 'another round' was so cool i was high all night from playing it.

i am so thankful that i get to do this. i love music. when i am playing or singing there is very little else that matters, and listening is almost as good. 
writing is the best. 
i lost it for a long time. although it was right in front of me, i didn't see what a gift it was. 
at the show in baltimore, a guy came up to me and told me that he had worked at a record store when my first album came out and that he was sorry that things didn't work out with virgin, etc. i thanked him for saying so, but i had to tell him i wouldn't have it any other way; i'm happier now than i've ever been.