paranoid android [it's the end of the world]

y2k paranoia has embedded itself in my subconscience, 
and now i have had two dreams about the end of the world, 
coming for me, 
over the horizon and red. 
in the first dream i am with my mother, and it is a fiery glow--the glow of humanoid creatures coming en mass and we are terrified. are they aliens? or pod-people? or captives being herded--i don't know, but they are coming. we huddle and wait and soon they surround us--faceless, lifeless human forms. 
and then i wake up. 
in the second dream--which i had last night--i am with my father. the sky becomes alive with organic explosion and it is obvious that our time is up. years of carelessly manipulating the environment has led to chemical over-saturation and the mixtures are igniting mid air and everywhere. 
it is only a matter of time before the air we breathe is fire. 
and then 
i wake up.

Lauren Hoffman