london . french tour [an overview]

fri, feb 25: arrive in london.

sat, feb 26: showcase for dreamy records and rough trade records shops at the notting hill arts center to promote 7" single 'song for a boy'/'look like shit'. onstage around 5:15, audience of mostly too-cool london indie fans: poker-faces, but attentive and quiet. felt somewhat uncomfortable but had fun nonetheless. it's always wierd playing while the sun is still shining.

sun, feb 27: day off at camden market. got pierced at chioko: a barbell in the base of my right ear cartiledge. karmen got a nose stud. we went to a very mellow yoga class at the very beautiful and serene iyengar yoga center.

mon-wed: off. uneventful blur.

thurs, march 2: spent 7 hrs getting my hair dyed black and dreaded. yay!

fri, march 3stonehenge and 4-wheeling through english countryside with linda. evening: full tilt [industrial/goth/punk night] at the electric ballroom. much enjoyable silliness.

sat & sun, march 4 & 5: still off! camden market again and mini-tour of london: buckingham palace, abby road, big ben, hyde park, etc.

mon, march 6: work begins. arrive in pariswhite session taping for france inter [radio station], and beginning of frustrating language barrier. beautiful studio, neve board, recorded on analog tape. sounded good on playback although i think we got better as the tour progressed.

tues, march 7: 1st french gig, in colmar, with stephane as tour manager. stephane rocks! gig is in a cybercafe/pub. everyone there is really cool, cooking us a big vegan meal and putting us up in their apartment. fun show but i was a little nervous cuz it was the first show of the tour. oh yeah, and the place was called "the green chicken" [le poussin vert]???

wed, march 8: in nancy at the 'blitz' cafe, a cafe/clothing store by day, cool music venue by night. better sound system than at the green chicken. 1st really good show, felt comfortable. there was a french goth-girl in attendance [cool! i thought] who criticized karmen after the show and it made her cry [not so cool after all]

thu, march 9: on trains all day to get to annecy. apparently a very beautiful town but we didn't get to see much of it. gig was ok… was second of three bands. the audience came and crowded the foot of the stage for my set, which was really nice, but i still felt weird being on a huge stage so far away from the people. we each got to have a seperate hotel room: nice.

fri, march 10: in evreux, at 'l'abordage'. more intimate, cultural-center stage. very nice show. karmen played a very good opening set. a small, seated place, and full--maybe 100 people? cool, funky hotel in the back of a pub like an olde tavern.

sat, march 11: in nevers, at 'cafe charbon'. i really liked this show. i was the headliner and there were two openers: curtis newton [mazzy star-ish girl-fronted indie band], and polagirl [instrumental indie-rock, like mogwai or something]. pretty much full, in largish venue. soundcheck was hell but playing was great. hotel: not worth mentioning. food: very nice special vegan meal including leeks from the cook's garden.

sun, march 12: in tours, at 'donald's pub'. kind of a let-down after the cafe charbon. the sound was so shitty i had to stop early, but the people were really nice and we had a good time in the end.

mon, march 13: return to paris for promotional day. 5 interviews, 2 photo sessions, 2 live radio sessions, 2 tv tapings. fucking exhausting.

tue, march 14: in-store performance at gilbert music. i started early by mistake, which upset people who came to see me at correct time. once again, showcases are weird. i hate playing on a platform in the middle of the day in the middle of a fucking store.

wed, march 15: paris show. on a boat, 'la guingette pirate', which would never pass inspection in america to be a nightclub. sold out (yay!). playing on a boat: very weird. but i think it was a good show regardless. however, i was very nervous because of the movement of the boat and the dead-silence of the audience. i even screwed up some lyrics, which is really rare for me.

thu, march 16: in saint-lo, at 'la mediatheque', a fucking library. really. i never played in a library before. very strange mixed audience: middle-aged cultural/arts-supporters, parents with their children, bikers in leather, etc. but really fun! many encores. pretty cool.