karmen and lauren--best friends forEVER!

i just read bn's journal entry from the road. he's on tour with bella morte and i'm kinda jealous. 
sometimes i feel like such an old lady. it would be fun to just go off on tour playing in a band that i wasn't so responsible for. 
but at the same time, karmen and i have been in the studio a lot lately, and it 
rocks. i love making records, and producing and engineering her record is giving me a chance to try all of the stuff that i've been raptly watching others do for years. 
we are so compatible too, we love eachothers' ideas, and we both dig being two young chicks making a record all by ourselves; alone in the studio with a big-ass olde tape machine. 
so we are probably having as much fun as a bunch of boys in a band on the road. besides, being on tour can 
definitely suck at times.

so, it's been a weird day today; stormy outside… an introspective kind of day. and not very productive, although we did finally get a good mix of 'low'. 
of course, i don't need rain for an excuse to be introspective; i'll mope on a beautiful day 
any old time.

all of this work that i've been doing in the studio makes me think about the general population's perspective on music. so many people listen to really manufactured, fabricated, saccharine music… it's such assembly line shit… i guess that they don't really care though. 
hell, i'm kinda glad that they invented pitch-fixing machines or i wouldn't be able to enjoy marilyn manson's 'mechanical animals' nearly as much! 
i don't really mean to diss anyone, i don't have a problem with any kind of music really; i just wish that people took more of an interest in something besides what is shoveled in their faces. 
and if you're reading this then i'm probably not talking about you so i'll shut up now.

Lauren Hoffmanbella morte