Interplanetary Traveler came out on Tuesday and it’s a wonderful feeling to have the opportunity to share these songs.

Since I’m not planning on touring, I am relying mostly on the internet to spread the word about this record. In a lot of ways, it’s a great time to be an independent recording artist, because it is possible these days to bypass the middle-men and get your music directly to listeners. On the other hand, we all know that music is mostly traded for free, so it can be difficult to recoup one’s investment. It costs money to make records and publish and promote them. So it’s nice if y’all buy the CD or downloads legally, just because I’d like to make my money back, and because I have a manager who works very hard for nearly nothing unless people do buy records.

That said, I’m also just happy to have released these songs out into the virtual universe to let them go where they will. It’s been amazing to see over the years how the music finds it’s way, and the comments and letters I get definitely mean more to me than money. So, thank you for supporting independent music, but more importantly, thank you for listening!