first entry . soul coughing

hmmmm… this is a funny idea!

okay… so, today I'm finally finished with this site--yay! 
this journal section is supposed to be where i put pictures and stories from the road… but right now i'm not on the road… i'm just hanging out in my house with that everlast song on a loop in my brain.

soul coughing played in charlottesville yesterday and they are an amazing band.  i was up front so i mostly heard the stage sound,  which was nice because it wasn't too loud.  i couldn't hear the vocals that well though because doughty uses in-ear moniters,  so i got the phat drum'n'bass version of the band.  i'm not complaining though! --i love the rhythm section. they tear it up but they also know how to lay low and keep it subtle. 
they played at about five in the afternoon at an outdoor ampitheater downtown, so the setting was also really sweet; i'm so sick of having to see bands at 11 pm in a dark smoky club.  peter griesar and i talked earlier this week about doing some early shows this summer. i would love that; i would love to play early and see other bands play early.  i would definitely go see more live music if it didn' happen so late at night. 
i also saw a ton of people that i havn't seen in ages (mostly because i don't tend to frequent said smoky c-ville hangs),  but unfortunatlely, i missed the hogwaller rambler's set because i was here finishing up this site.

so now i have to go and meet with garry about getting our free union records website happening, and hook up with lydia to make the artwork for 'a harmless little kiss' …i'm really excited about our label, and about putting my new album out, but it's a lot of work.  i don' want it to take too much of my energy away from my music.