Days Spin

it’s already march, and that caught me by surprise again this year. could it be those 2-3 missing days in february? no, that’s not it. time speeds up as you get older. i noticed that when i was 6. i notice it more now.

what a strange winter. we were stunned again and again by the snow that enveloped us, rescheduled us, introduced us to our neighbors, and overwhelmed our mild-weather-loving trees. a side sight; the amputated magnolia limbs that decorated our sidewalks.

as the days draw longer, i wonder what the thaw will bring, as we climb out of our cozy dens, and great the ripening year. i look forward to farmer’s markets, laughing running kids in the park, flutter sleeves, sockless shoes, iced coffees, sunglasses, lunch on the patio…

and usually i hate summer