dave matthews on charlie rose

it has been amazing for me to watch someone go from playing in my parents house, to local community festivals, to regular club dates, to stadiums and mtv and magazine covers. but seeing him interviewed on charlie rose was like a pinnacle to me. it was a place where he was not asked to be a performer or entertainer or to make anyone money, he was simply asked to share his experiences as an accomplished person. 
or an experienced person anyway. 
or just a person maybe. 
they talked about his internal critic being more of a plague to him than the ones who write in papers, and how it's harder to write now that he is surrounded by so many people who are interwoven into his life. and who can't relate to feeling self-doubt, or the fear of other peoples expectations? 
but i guess i feel kind of sorry for him sometimes… he doesn't seem to be very strong.

at the end of the interview they aired a pre-recorded clip of him playing a song solo on acoustic guitar, softly lit in their studio. it was the same man i had known and so admired as an adolescent aspiring songwriter, but now weathered, somehow sad, a weight upon him that nobody else can truly understand. 
that makes it sound so romantic, but i don't know if it is really.

Lauren Hoffmanfromthebluehouse