cracker and me

this is a picture from last thursday night when i opened for cracker at trax--david lowery and me standing in their lovely backstage lounge. 
i had a great time. it was scary because i had to go up there alone with my guitar, sandwiched between two loud rock bands, and play to 400 people who had no idea who i was. but once i got onstage, i really had fun. i just tried not to take myself too seriously, and to sing with everything i had in me, and it felt great! 
the set list was--

whoever you are 
rock star 
hope you don't mind 
cry to the heavens 
fortune on my name 
magic stick 
dust off your dreams 
bring you down

david had one of those 'diamond rio' mp3 players with him, and he played me an mp3 of a new song he wrote called 'you could be my love'. it was really beautiful. he played all of the instruments himself--it reminded me a little of sparklehorse and a little of portoisehead and a little of john lennon. he also played me a psychedelic-punkrock version of the song we wrote together called 'superman', with lp from lionfish singing. it was really cool to hear someone else singing lyrics that i wrote--especially someone with a voice like hers! 
we didn't get to go to north carolina on friday because of hurricane dennis--the island we were supposed to play on had been evacuated--but that was ok with me because i was so exhausted from the trax gig! (i'm very sensative and delicate you know)