autumn in virginia . karmen

i have been as bad at keeping this journal as i have ever been at keeping journals. i always start them with grand intentions but lose interest soon thereafter, fickle gemini that i am. 
here goes yet another attempt at consistency.

it is already september and i can hardly believe it. 
last year i was in los angeles from august until november, so i missed the splendor of virginia's autumn altogether. but now the cool breeze brings back hazy sepia-toned memories, and i am getting lost in them at regular intervals.

music is still guiding me by the heart as i work to create free union records. i have found myself inspired by the local musicians; raphael, hogwaller ramblers, atsushi, bella morte, david sickmen. it's weird how good they are. 
karmen, a friend of my sister's, and also a great songwriter, has come all the way from california to virginia to help with the label. it's great to have her here. it's funny for me to be on the other side of the teacher/protege relationship, but we are still close enough in age to feel like girlfriends. and it's nice to have a friend.