addicted to this

wow... there is so much going on right now. in just three months or so, the band is really taking off. we've opened for very cool and diverse bands like denali, bella morte, the hackensaw boys, and po' girl. we've recorded and have started selling our first EP... each CD has a hand-stenciled cover; they are totally hot. when we get in front of audiences, we get this overwhelmingly positive response... and i am hooked. it is fucking addictive. 
in a few short months my life has gone from repression to expression; from 'better not' to 'why not?'... and it feels great... scary, but great. scary can be exhilerating. i am facing so many of my fears, but the truth is that the fear itself is worse than the doing and facing it, you find out it wasn't so bad after all, and maybe the worst of it was all in your head anyway.

Lauren HoffmanLilas