Apparently, after all my ups and downs in the music business, I’m having my first radio hit! Well, internet radio hit, does that count? … I say yes!! I’ll take it.

I don’t know what constitutes a lot of plays on Pandora radio, but I just figured out that their royalty rate x a million = the money I got from them in 2012…

That means over a MILLION streams of Broken in 2012!

When I made Choreography, I really went for it. I worked so hard on that record and I really believed in it. That this is happening now, and more people are discovering that record, buying Broken on iTunes, checking out the video on youtube, etc… It feels good, it’s very validating.

And it’s perfect timing, to give me some push to make another record. When I put Interplanetary Traveler out, my life had changed so much from the time I started recording it. Making records and sharing them with listeners has always been so important to me, but becoming a mother, having a new baby, that superseded everything else. I felt I had to devote all my time and energy to making my new daughter’s life cozy, quiet, consistent. I wanted her to have all the attention and time and energy that I had to spare.

My girl is still young, but now it seems there is more space in my life for a new record to come. She is into it, she can come along for the ride.

I remember a few months ago I was telling my friend “lately, every little thing feels like an uphill battle”; nothing seemed to be working out easily and little things seemed to become big things. But now, it’s the opposite: things seem to be working themselves out, a crisis seems to appear but then a solution immediately arises. I hope I am not jinxing it by pointing it out! It feels so good when things just seem to happen to be going your way; it sucks when it all feels like a slog through the mud. you can ask “why??”, but in either case it’s a mystery.