100 covers, or, Undercover Introvert Gets Under the Covers with Long Lost Lover, Music

Oh dear Music, I am a fickle lover to you, I know.
We have had such intense, obsessive, sizzling affairs; those times when I give you all of my love and attention, and for that time we are one, embracing in the eternal now…
And then I disappear. i cut you off. I change my number so you can’t call.
I hope you know, dear Music, that it is only because I struggle to know myself, it is never a question of my love for you.

But now, beloved songs and melodies, rhythms and rhymes, I believe I have found a new way for us to be together:


This way, I don’t have make drastic compromises to be with you; I can remain the introverted, crowd-avoiding, party-hating, reserved, observant homebody that I really am. I won’t get overwhelmed and overstimulated and freaked out and fucked up and have to run away and hide again… (I hope! Ha!)

So let’s do this, sweetheart, let’s have a goal, let’s make a plan:
100 covers by Christmas 2012!

How does that sound? We will put the baby to bed, get out the laptop and the USB mic, tune up the guitar and send songs out to cyberspace. You and me, together again…