I Love LA

I moved to LA about three months ago. It was very sudden, a leap, almost into the unknown. I have always been prone to grand sudden changes, and sometimes in the past, when I was younger and unhappier, they would be destructive. But this move feels healthy and constructive, even though any change this big leaves some destruction in it's wake.

A big chapter of my life came to an end last fall: The Secret Storm. We came together as band in 2013 so that I could play a kind of 'come back' show with my friends' bands, Synthetic Division and Bella Morte, after about six years I had taken off while my daughter was little. We had such a good time working on my old songs that we decided to work on more music, which evolved into having a band name, and putting out a bunch of really cool videos, and releasing "Family Ghost".

I'm so happy to have built those friendships and made that music with Tony, Jeff, Cathy, Ethan, and a few different drummers but notably Kevin and Marc. I know that a lot of people value the long game, but I just love to change it up. There is so much to do and experience in this world and only one life with which to do it all. New adventures require the endings of old ones, and it's never easy to say goodbye to the parts you wish you could keep with you forever.

I'm settling into my new scene, turning pages in the first chapter of my new adventure. Always with music at the center, of course! I'm loving exploring and discovering a new city, finding pleasure in the small things, like a plant I've never seen before, or the best smoked salmon bagel sandwich I've had in years.