Shadow of the Moon

I was in my hometown of Charlottesville, VA on August 12th 2017, the weekend of the deadly 'Unite the Right' neo-Nazi 'rally'. Really, it was an orchestrated, pre-meditated street-battle attack, not a 'rally'. 

Five days later I wrote this song, the title referring to the eclipse that happened a few days after. That eclipse was such a fitting natural metaphor for what happened to our hearts that weekend. (cover photo by Eze Amos)

This recording features two other Charlottesville musicians. Both were there as 'counter-protesters' against white supremacy: Alethea Leventhal (Ships in the Night), and cellist Brandon Collins (BC, The Cows).

That weekend one year ago, many of my brave friends were there on the street as the car attack killed Heather Heyer, and sent dozens more to the hospital.

My friends were first responders who scooped Heather into their ambulance, too late.

My friends were doused with kerosene and beaten with torches.

My friends were arrested for standing up to hate, when the nazi organizer tried to hold a press conference the next day.

My friends put their bodies in danger to livestream, photograph and document the atrocities committed that day, documentations which have proved so valuable in the ongoing effort to seek some kind of justice.

This song is dedicated to them, and to survivors everywhere.


Lauren - Vocals, guitar

Brandon Collins - Cello

Alethea Leventhal - Vocals

Scott Honsberger - Piano

Written and arranged by Lauren Hoffman

Recorded by Mark Graham, The Sound, Charlottesville, VA

Mixed by Ryan Freeland, Stampede Origin, Los Angeles, CA

Charlottesville view of the August 2017 eclipse by Eze Amos