How To Be An Independent Artist in the Music Business - Part 1

1. Write great songs. Write every day. Set a schedule, you just need to get organized. Make sure your songs are unique. Speak your truth. Be original. But also, be relatable. Remember, you’re building your brand, so be consistent and recognizable. Stay in your style and genre. But don’t be predictable and boring. Challenge yourself!

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Lauren Hoffman
I Love LA

I moved to LA about three months ago. It was very sudden, a leap, almost into the unknown. I have always been prone to grand sudden changes, and sometimes in the past, when I was younger and unhappier, they would be destructive.

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Something Better Than This

I've written quite a few songs with lyrics that sound like they are about/for a romantic interest, partner, or lover, but actually aren't. Some of them are about non-romantic personal relationships, like with family members, but in many of them, the "you" is a feeling, a concept, or another side of myself.

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