Mission Statement As someone who’s life has been dominated by familial, personal, and genetic mental-emotional health problems, music has always been my greatest comfort, my favorite therapist, and my spiritual healer. Great songs, by artists across all genres, are what have made my life livable. They stimulate my mind, relax my body, and lift my mood - even when they are sad or angry. Sometimes because they are sad or angry.

Writing my own songs is what I do to to stay sane, release some of my emotional burdens, and connect with the mysterious forces of the universe that are so much bigger than me and my personal struggles.

So I offer my songs to you, in case you need songs like I do. I hope that they may be a comfort to you, help you to feel seen or understood, inspire you in some way, or be the soundtrack to your daydreams.

My songs aren’t for everyone, maybe some are just for me, but I share them because they might be for you, too.


Lauren Hoffman is a songwriter, singer, and multi-instrumentalist who has written and released 5 genre-defying albums plus several EPs and singles in the US and Europe. She has worked with notable producers David Lowery and Ethan Johns, and labels Virgin, Kill Rock Stars, PIAS (EU) and Fargo (France). Lauren’s songs have been used in film and TV such as Homicide: Life On The Street, South of Nowhere, and the Woody Harrelson noire film Palmetto. Her song ‘Broken’ enjoys heavy rotation on Pandora radio, spawning YouTube covers, fan videos, and quotations on Twitter: “You’re a little bit damaged / I’m a sucker for that”. Lauren Hoffman recently relocated to Los Angeles and her 6th album, Mercury Girls, is due out in 2019.

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“With her low-key voice, lonely guitar lines, insinuating phrasing, oddball rhythmic hooks and casually brutal put-downs, Ms. Hoffman makes moody and sexy pop songs.” - Ben Ratliff, New York Times

“The new album (From The Blue House), produced with elegant simplicity by Hoffman with an assist by Brian Kehew, shows off her lyrical bite to splendid effect… the vocalist shines on such striking tracks as “Heavy Scene”, “Rare New Disease”, “Song For A Boy”, and “Whoever You Are” - Billboard.

“After her beautiful album From The Blue House from 1999, the young American singer Lauren Hoffman chose to retreat a little. Those few years of reflection and doubts allowed her to give birth to Choreography, a work of perfect coherence; a lovely union of pop, folk and rock.” FiP Radio France (translated)

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